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Excelon is a private, by-reservation dog care and training studio. At my place, I cater to dogs and their people with private and group training.

 Located outside of Shelton.
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My clients come from near and far: all around the beautiful South Puget Sound area!!

My service area is Mason and Thurston County.

Olympia, Shelton, Tumwater, Union, Hoodsport, Lacey, Rochester and Tenino area

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Dog Advising and Selection Testing
Training For Unstable Dogs: Red Flag Temperaments!

Unstable dogs are born with faulty temperaments.  Their hard wiring causes them to over react with highly negative behavior.  This includes, but are not limited too: neurotic behavior, obsessive behavior, hallucinations, uncontrollable barking, anxiety,  panic, fear, pacing, circling, unjustified aggression and severe energy imbalances which are referred to as hyper, hyper-neurotic, hyper-aggression, hyper-fear, hyper-obsession.  These are the most common faulty temperaments.  I am more than capable of helping you train and long term manage your unstable dog.  You must understand the issues we are dealing with as well as costs.

Red flag temperaments can be seen in pups as young as 8 weeks.  When a dog's hard wiring is faulty it presents itself at early ages.  As the dog ages; ordinary life becomes impossible.  I need you to know that training does not change his temperament.  

Your unstable dog will be unstable, before, during and after training.  You must commit to a minimum of 24 week training timeline.  Pricing starts at $2,900. You and I will be working with your dog privately and at your home.  If you are unsure if your dog is unstable, you may start with a no obligation evaluation and consultation.  2 hours in time $160.

I believe all dogs are trainable.  Until they prove to me they are not.  This means I don't require an evaluation.  I require you to commit to your dog's training.  Unstable dogs are difficult to train, and can not be off leash or high skill trained.  They are not high functioning dogs, can't form healthy relationships with people and require you to maintain isolated controlled environment. 

Normal Dogs: Behavior Problems

Normal dogs can develop "temporary" behavior problems.  The difference is the dog will respond to training, attention and relationship with normal responses once immersed in foundation training level.   Lack of training is the # 1 reason why a normal dog will develop behavior problems.    Please take a look at my training programs for regular training timelines and prices.  This is at a starting cost of $1,500 and is 12 week training timeline plus 4 - 6 weeks to reverse the imbalances that are caused by lack of training.

My advice is begin your dogs training as soon as you bring him home. Do not wait for problems to set in.  
This is sure to set you up to fail with your dog.  Train him to be the dog you want him to be.
Dog Advsing
Puppy Selection and Testing  

When selecting a new puppy or dog for your needs you may want to have me help you.  It is rarely a good idea to get a dog on impulse.  It is rarely in your favor to take on a dog with severe red flag behavior or temperament. Especially when you are a first time dog owner your self.    If you have chosen a dog with red flag or normal behavior; you are now obligated to begin his training NOW !  You have just entered a 10 - 15 year relationship. 

All Dogs Need Training: Training is simple all you have to do is do it!

All people need training with their new dog. The best dog owners are educated and have trained dogs.   Some choose to have me train their dogs for them and learn how to handle their dog after his training is complete.  I am here to help you make the best choice for you, by giving you options and information about selection, breeds, lifestyle, fitness, nutrition, relationships, testing, training, logistics, timelines and maintaining your trained dog for life.   Raising and training dogs is my life!!   I train pups to mature adults: to the highest levels possible.  You can learn what you want to know.

Puppy testing is also called litter testing.  

Dog testing is referring to an adult dog.

Shelter or rescue dog means we are going to a shelter or rescue to test 1 to 3 dogs.

In general testing dogs or puppies is limited to 3 dogs in a day.  

If travel is involved to test dogs at different locations, my travel fee applies.

Packages are custom developed by me for you.  My clients are all unique.

Individual Selection testing and advising starts at $120 one dog.      Day rate is $260 more than one dog.  

 Email me to get started.