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Text Crystal: 360 - 463 - 6785

My clients come from near and far: all around the beautiful South Puget Sound area!!

My service area is Mason and Thurston County.

Olympia, Shelton, Tumwater, Union, Hoodsport, Lacey, Rochester and Tenino area

Set up your meet and greet with me and become a new client !

Dog Training Camp Rates
Day training is included 
as my standard for all dog care.

At my house I require dogs to be in active training or full trained. 
My dog rate includes care, attention, exercise, training and feeding.  
 All dogs require the above. 

Dog training camp is available year round by reservation.

The required social training exercises for all dogs regardless of age:
  • Crate stay
  • Bed stay
  • Kennel up outside
  • Go out in the yard 
  • Play with other dogs
  • Go outside to go to the bathroom
  • Accept the muzzle and socialize 

  • Leave it
  • Food refusal
  • Stay

I use positive and negative reinforcement.  All dogs are required to follow my house rules, boundaries and limits (socialization).   Your dog will become part of my pack.   Immersion into a pack of 5 dogs can be overwhelming. Training is a progressive way of life that prevents a great deal of behavior problems.  

Take a look at my full training program and the target training exercises.   I start inexperienced dogs in my program.  You can continue the training at home.

At my house every day life skills are required.
Inexperienced dogs are welcome.
Dogs must be over 16 weeks of age.
UTD on shots, worming and parasite prevention.
Trained to accept a muzzle for safety.
Trained to accept indoor/outdoor lifestyle.
I accept up to 6 dogs at a given time.
You must reserve your spot in advance.
Your dog must be trained to go to the bathroom outdoors.
Leash and collar broke.
Accept handling for grooming, petting and daily interaction with other dogs, people and cats.

​Day Training Camp Pricing:

You pick a package.  The 12 and 24 week programs includes private handler training sessions for you to learn how to handle your dog.  The 6 week is my minimum and no training for you is included.

Your dog stays 2 weeks per month until training is complete.  Once training is complete I offer day training camp and care for your dog while you go away.  

​Excelon K9 Day Camp and Training Rates
Non commercial.
Home based.
Natural setting.
Fresh air.

Active care
 for TRAINED dogs.
You deserve your vacation.  

Your dog deserves training and activities while you are away.

​Reserve your dog's spot today!
6 Week Minimum
12 Week Training
24 Week Training
Tune up 1 Week Training