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Excelon is a private, by-reservation dog care and training studio. At my place, I cater to dogs and their people with private and group training.

 Located outside of Shelton.
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My clients come from near and far: all around the beautiful South Puget Sound area!!

My service area is Mason and Thurston County.

Olympia, Shelton, Tumwater, Union, Hoodsport, Lacey, Rochester and Tenino area

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Dog Fitness Program
The benefits of fitness are no mystery to most of us.  My dogs are healthy and fit.  I would like to define exercise and some other terminology I will use to work with you and your dog.  Dog fitness is important and is in addition to regular obedience and social training.  A daily fitness routine is also in addition to any sports your dog may enjoy with you.  I am not talking about walking in the park!!  I am talking about toning, conditioning, muscle building, mental stamina, physical endurance and more.

Most of these activities once you know how to do them with your dog; you will be able to maintain his condition yourself.  I have a home gym for both myself and my dogs to workout in every day.  We also train performance sports and enjoy outdoor fitness such as hiking.  What I do with my dog depends on him...

The equipment you will need depends on what your home gym goals are with your dog.  You can stay basic or go full commitment!

Conditioning with a Ball

Builds speed, stamina and reaction time.

Some dogs are obsessed with fetching and this can be beneficial for conditioning the body.
Draft Carting

Beautiful choice for function, fun and building muscle and working your dog's mind.  

Mastiff and bull breeds LOVE this fit activity, but any dog can do it. 
Obedience Drills

Are the number one way to work your dogs beautiful mind, and is a practical choice for all of us.  

Focus the mind and the body will follow!
Speed Drills Outdoor

Galloping, trotting and brisk walking are all locomotion exercises that maintain stamina and drain excess energy.  Speed also builds energy in some dogs! 

After a period of rest, obedience drills make this activity number one for active dogs!

Intro to interval training for mind and body.
Indoor Treadmill 

Best choice for daily maintenance and starting body condition work.  Super convenient for those of us on a time crunch. 

Incline training builds muscle and overall tone.

Add interval training for mind and body.

Fit - Happy and Highly Trained Dogs are The Happiest Dogs 
Outdoor Resistance Training

Drag weight training, build short thick muscle and bulk up.

Weight pull with a cart or without.  This training power is one of my fav's for my dogs!
Outdoor Resistance Training

Weight pack can add excellent challenge for many dogs during regular treadmill workout or hiking and more.

Dog can learn to carry 60% of his body weight.
You and I can fitness train privately and at your home.  For pricing, check out private sessions located on training pricing page. 

Exercise for your dog is included with my inn kennel training pack.