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Excelon is a private, by-reservation dog care and training studio. At my place, I cater to dogs and their people with private and group training.

Family owned & located outside of Shelton
 since 2008.
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My clients come from near and far: all around the beautiful South Puget Sound area!!

My service area is Mason and Thurston County.

Olympia, Shelton, Tumwater, Union, Hoodsport, Lacey, Rochester and Tenino area

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Excelon Practical Protection 
Dog Training Program
Protection Profile

1 Defense of handler (handler guard)
2 Out-recall
3 Out-down
4 Guard-escort (optional out bark 15 seconds)
5 turn on/off with directed aggression 
(alert type)

Level 1 PPO = Deterrent Dog starts your  required foundation obedience and protection skills needed to gain viable protection for every day life.   PPO 2 builds viable protection skills.

Obedience Profile

1 Heel off leash: Basic Position
2 Heel on leash
3 Heel with muzzle 
(on and off leash willingly accepts muzzle)
4 Long down (3-15m duration)
5 Long sit (3-15m duration)
6 Food refusal
 (offered by strangers, ground and multiple thrown)
7 Handler out of sight (5 - 15m duration)
8 leave it (people, dogs, objects)

The dog is controlled by handler. Dog willingly cooperates and is obedient to the handler’s demands at all times during defense exercises. Includes on and off leash control. This general outlook is required to move on to level 2 obedience and protection with dog.

Pet Type A Socialization (home & travel access);

1 Crate stay (duration 15 minutes) 
2 Bed Stay (duration 15 minutes)
3 Down stay handler out of site (duration 3 minutes)
3 Boundaries (well defined)
4 Answer door alert
5 Answer door neutral
6 Optional (handler choice)

General outlook basic obedience, boundaries and control for home, car and travel use. Exposure to the common social scenarios dog and handler pet lifestyle.

Exercises Obedience Pet Type B Socialization Experiences (public access): 

1 Accepting friendly stranger
2 Sitting for petting
3 Walk on lead public
4 Walk through crowds
4 Stay in sit or down position
6 Reaction to dogs
7 Reaction to public distractions (common)
8 Separation (handler leaves dog with trusted person)
Veterinarian, boarding kennel, handler #2
9 Grooming/clinical exam handling
10 Optional (handler choice)

General outlook social exposure and socialization of common public scenarios. The dog remains obedient and controlled with his handler’s commands.