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Excelon is a private, by-reservation dog care and training studio. At my place, I cater to dogs and their people with private and group training.

Family owned & located outside of Shelton
 since 2008.
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My clients come from near and far: all around the beautiful South Puget Sound area!!

My service area is Mason and Thurston County.

Olympia, Shelton, Tumwater, Union, Hoodsport, Lacey, Rochester and Tenino area

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Excelon Service Dog Training Program
By Dog Trainer Crystal LeJeune
Excelon Service Dog Training Program by Dog Trainer Crystal LeJeune. I have posted the full training program and target training exercises for you to understand what you or I will be training your dog. The training program includes obedience, manners and socialization.  As well as team training for public access and specialized task training for you.  There are 4 trained levels of skill. 

Target Dog and Handler Team Exercises

On Leash Obedience Profile & Exercises

1 Heeling loose
2 Heeling-controlled close
3 Recall
4 Stay, sit stay and down stay
5 Switch positions: sit, down, stand
6 Watch me 
7 Leave it, leave/don’t touch dogs, people, objects other
8 Other, handler personal choice

Social Obedience Profile & Exercises (combined socialization tasks and obedience)

1 Kennel up: controlled go in and stay in a kennel
2 Brushing (accepts brushing)
3 Grooming accepts ritual (ears, body, nails and optional teeth)
4 Load up: controlled go in/loads in car and stays in car with doors open
5 Sit for petting
6 Down for petting
7 Separation: handler can leave dog with trusted person 
  (such as veterinarian, 2nd handler, friend or boarding kennel) 
8 Walk on lead in public: including crowds, buildings, elevators, stairwells, entry ways controlled
9 Place, dog is trained to go onto a mat/or under the table or both and stay (for home and public access use)

Service Task Skill Training

The dog is trained to assist his disabled handler with personal mobility, hearing, vision, or personal tasks of independence. They include, but are not limited to the areas mentioned above in this skill training section. 

Service Dog Care and Exercise
The dog while working as a service animal is required to be healthy and free of communicable diseases. As part of the care your dog will need exercise to remain in good well muscled physical condition to serve you best. Training options include ball games that properly stimulate the mind and body as well as treadmill exercise programs. When the handler is unable to provide proper exercise program hiring outside assistance is required.

Handler/Dog Team Public Access and Social Etiquette

1 Dog must appear clean, healthy and well groomed
2 Dog must be trained to be quiet
3 Handler must demonstrate obedience command and control of dog
4 Dog is general trained in 5 environments or the locations of handler use
6 Handler role is to educate the public as needed: how to interact with a service dog
7 Dog is taught and required to remain neutral to other dogs in public while working
8 Handler must demonstrate the ability to recognize when the dog is stressed, may need a break or complete removal from an environment.

General Outlook

​This dog and handler training program is to create an ideal strong human-dog bond and controlled animal that serves his disabled handler with assistance.  Excelon Service Dog Training Program prepares the dog for the public challenges he/she will face as a working service/assistance animal with his/her handler. The dog is prepared to work with the handler in a variety of environments that extend beyond the home.  

Email me for more information about owner-trained service dogs