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Excelon is a private, by-reservation dog care and training studio. At my place, I cater to dogs and their people with private and group training.

 Located outside of Shelton.
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My clients come from near and far: all around the beautiful South Puget Sound area!!

My service area is Mason and Thurston County.

Olympia, Shelton, Tumwater, Union, Hoodsport, Lacey, Rochester and Tenino area

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​Facts For You About Excelon Training
What is trained?

I have 4 dog and handler training programs. You can see the full programs and the target training exercises on my website at any time. Excelon Family Pet Dog Training Program, Excelon Practical Protection Dog Training Program, Excelon Patrol Dog Training Program and Excelon Service Dog Training Program.  

How long does it take to train a dog?

There is no exact timeline for training a dog because a dog’s training is ongoing. As a trainer I do train to specific timelines and expectations. For example, starting a dog in obedience and protection for every day life averages 12 – 16 weeks.  The full level is a 48 week timeline to achieve viable off leash obedience and control regardless of situation. This is assuming you are starting your inexperienced dog for the first time in his training program and want off leash control with a single voice command.

Do I have to train my dog 12 - 48 weeks?

No.  If you do not expect your dog to listen to you off leash, single command regardless of the situation then you can do less than 12 - 48 weeks.  You and I will establish your training timeline based on your expectations and what you want to train your dog.

What breed of dogs do you train?

All breeds. All ages. All dogs can be trained the basics regardless of their age, but not all can be super reliable at advanced levels. This is because it takes a dog with both the ability (genetics) and skill suitable for training at an advanced off leash lifestyle.

I will train your dog for you to the best of his/her given ability.

​Do you work with problem dogs, aggressive dogs and other behavior problems?

Yes.  I will take an any behavior challenge you are willing to work on.  Please go to my advising page and read about training timelines for behavior modification.

What training techniques do you use?

I focus on YOU.  I teach you how to train and handle your dog in everyday life.  I train every day with my dogs, and I expect you too also.  I know all the current training techniques such as shaping behavior, play training, motivation, value, alpha beta premise, leadership, structure, discipline, life application and other natural and scientific dog training methods.  You will also learn how to use training equipment properly.  You will also learn what NOT to buy and use.  I only use proven methods that work to gain efficient results and reliability between me and my dog.

What training class do I take?

You can do private sessions and train at your home with me. You can train with others in one of my groups.  You pick how many sessions you would like. Training is done by the day, week and session.  More information about groups and privates are on this site.

Timeline and Cost

The time frame required for the training of your dog depends upon variables such as experience, age and ability. I have posted average timelines and costs for you to pick the training you want for your dog. These can be found at my website.

Dog training is progressive and on going. Trained dogs have a quick response time to your voice commands. They have been taught the necessary skills that make them reliable and controlled.  Training is continued through tune ups.

Dog Training Is Not Expensive

Everyone knows that when you stop training your dog he stops listening to you. His response time becomes non existent and all control is lost. Dogs are an animal that require constant leadership and on going training in the very skills you have taught for your lifestyle.  Training is valuable time spent bonding and teaching your dog what he deserves.

Dogs Trained Elsewhere  Are Welcome

Dogs trained elsewhere are welcome.  No matter the experience level.  Dogs with behavior issues are welcome.  I created my training programs for every day real life. There are 3 trained dog levels.  Take a look at the differences in training based on skills.

You Are Your Dogs Trainer

You are your dogs trainer.  My role is to help you train your dog to your expectations.  All dogs and handlers must start with obedience and socialization training at a basic level. Once this foundation is set you build up in trained skills.

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