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Text Crystal: 360 - 463 - 6785

My clients come from near and far: all around the beautiful South Puget Sound area!!

My service area is Mason and Thurston County.

Olympia, Shelton, Tumwater, Union, Hoodsport, Lacey, Rochester and Tenino area

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Dog & Handler Team Wellness
Dog training is a state of mind.  Leadership, good health and most importantly actively pursing the goal.  My dog training programs are designed to build a solid relationship based upon structure.  We focus on leadership, obedience, control, focus, alpha-beta relationship, socialization, protection, fitness, nutrition and well being.   

Training with your dog is a way of life, not something you do after problems arise.  The single most important thing about whole dog training is being sure that you can handle your dog in everyday life and that your dog knows his responsibility to you.

All of us love our dogs and we show it in many ways.  The strongest most meaningful gesture you can show your dog is the training relationship and benefits that come from long term time spent together pursing a goal and overcoming all challenges.